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White Comfort Training Pad - 45x60cm (40 pcs / bag)

Introducing the White Comfort Training Pad, the perfect solution for pet owners seeking a convenient and effective way to train their dogs. Made with a unique 5-layer system, this disposable pad is super absorbent, keeping your floor clean and dry.

Measuring 45x60cm, the White Comfort Training Pad is perfect for both small and medium breeds. It comes in a pack of 40, making it a cost-effective solution for pet owners. Whether you're looking to train a new puppy or help an older dog with incontinence, this pad is the perfect solution.

The White Comfort Training Pad through a network of prefered partners, online and in pet-specialty stores.

Don't settle for less, choose the White Comfort Training Pad, your dog will thank you.


Main Caracteristics

40 pcs per bag

5-layers high quality pads
1. Absorbant Paper
2. Fluff Pulp
3. Absorbant Polymer
4. Absorbant Paper
5. PE Film